Isometric House Interior

Assets designed especially for a home interior with infinite customizations


Customizable meshes
All meshes can be customized in two ways

Original texture that comes by default

The easiest way to customize. Simply create the material of the desired color and then drag and drop it to the location you want to change its color

Customizing by changing the texture
With your image editor, just change the original texture and apply it to the mesh. In this method it uses less processing because it will be processed the instance of a single material


All meshes use two UV maps

The first is used for the atlas texture
The second is used for the lightmap

Note: Lightmap can be customized, or generated by the engine itself



All assets contain custom collision or single box collisions


Altogether there are 183 meshes, click on the image to see in detail

If in doubt, need help or find bugs, contact